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  Qigong pronounced Chi Kung, literally means energy exercise, or internal energy work. A wide range of exercises from breathing exercises, to moving sequences such as T’ai Ji Quan. Standing firm or still postures and specific sequences of exercises for health and strength, these are all Qigong exercises. Qi pronounced Chi, is according to Traditional Oriental Medicine the life force that is inside our bodies. The quality of our health is affected by the quality of our Qi. If it is strong and free flowing we have good health over many years. If it has been weakened by life style choices or inherited ill health we can struggle with day to day living. Qi is also said to be the building blocks of the universe. Everything is Qi it is only the vibrational frequency that is the difference between say a planet and a flower. Carol Wrigley runs T’ai Ji and Qigong classes in the Suffolk/Norfolk area in Southwold, Lowestoft, Beccles and Great Yarmouth. Most classes are a combination of the two health arts. Click here for details of classes.
Qigong exercises for health
Qigong exercises for health and strength with Carol Wrigley
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